Ooh, Quality

We are passionate about projects we get into. We truly believe software should be built to last. The product should survive the test of time.

Modern, yet Experienced

Keep learning! That's our thing. New technologies are invented, with clear advantages and improvements. We prefer going head-first into such innovations.

Love Open Source

Open source is great for business! It has changed how we build software. Check us out at Github.

Chaotic and Daring

Trying out different methods, breaking and fixing things, pushing our stack to the limit. How else would such a team learn and understand how stuff work.

Our Tech Stack

  • Node.js


  • Python


  • Go


  • Docker


  • AngularJS


And More...

Devs For Hire

We would like to add value to your project. We can work both on premise and remotely. Consider us an extension to your IT Department.

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